When you want an unforgettable holiday

Holiday village close to Rovaniemi

We specialize in making holidays relaxing

Enjoy your holiday with all your senses; feel the fresh lake breeze on your face, smell the fragrance of wildflowers, experience the rumble of a snowmobile or hear the excited panting of huskies who pull your sled through a wintry forest. Take part in one of the many guided tours we offer or head into the wild on your own – the choice is yours!


Activities for summer and winter

Whether there are sparkling snow or green leaves on tree branches, there is always something fun to do at Loma-Vietonen. In winter the snowmobiles roar through the frozen lake, the very same lake that is a superb location for canoeing in summer. And remember, the cute reindeers are with us every season!

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Traditional Lappish home-cooked food

What would a holiday be without great food? The fish and reindeer banquet conjured by our hostess is abundant with delicacies. We also bake our own bread and pastries, so come and savour genuine local flavours.

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