We welcome you to enjoy your vacation or event on the shores of the delightful lake Vietonen.

What if there was someone who could tell us the story of Loma-Vietonen from the beginning? Here you can find the tale told from the perspective of an ancient pine tree.

Story of Loma-Vietonen – Told by an ancient pine tree

Traveler, whoever you may be – stop for a second and hear what I have to say. It was the year 1694 when the king of Sweden, Charles XI, visited this area to admire the majesty of the midnight sun and scenic views of the lake. Back then I was but a small youngling, a mere 30-year-old sapling. Only a few people lived here in those days, mostly hunters. Many mighty animals roamed the woods just as the fish swam freely in the lakes. In the middle of the 16th century I reached the log size and saw how the villages grew.

My roots are deep in Sompanen hill, which was an island surrounded by ice many moons ago. On top of the hill lies an ancient forest that has stayed as it is. Nobody is allowed to touch it, but they may look and admire the beauty of it. Animals can live here in peace. Once the Sun melted the ice, lake Ancylus was born, on the old shore of where I now stand, watching this beautiful scenery – the same scenery that the old lady of Loma-Vietonen fell in love with. She loved fishing and visited lake Vietonen with her husband many a times. There she noticed a beach where an old log building stood, almost as robust as I was.

The lady and her husband founded an inn and catering company, which delighted travelers from far and wide. Travelers have come to enjoy the scenery, the authentic atmosphere and the hospitality of the innkeepers.

Even though I have more than a few gray branches, my memory works perfectly. I will keep telling the story of lake Vietonen as long as I can feel the sunlight on my bark and needles, hoping that many more people will have the chance to experience this oasis outside the hustle and bustle of city life.

Lomavietosen yrittäjäpariskunta


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Traveler, whoever you are – stop for a minute and hear what I’ll say. I will tell the future generations about the beauty of lake Vietonen in hopes that you and many more will find a way here.

Lomavietosen päärakennuksen pirtin pöytiä ja tuoleja
Sisäkuva mökin makuuhuoneesta

Main building, filled with history

The main building of Loma-Vietonen is the genuine article, over 100 years old Northern Ostrobothnian-style country house, operating as a restaurant for private events. The atmospheric farmhouse living room invites you to enjoy relaxing morning coffee or a delicious lunch after a day’s skiing excursion. You can also book a sauna or enjoy the warmth of the fireplace in our new and cozy tepee. This tranquil environment is a great backdrop for meetings, corporate functions and other occasions.

Cozy accommodation for everyone

Even though our accommodations are rustic and delightful, recalling romantic days gone by, you can still enjoy all the modern comforts in our high-quality cabins. And to spice things up, cabins with saunas also have atmospheric fireplaces! Come experience the coziness of these authentic Finnish log cabins yourself.

Welcome to Loma-Vietonen

Close to Rovaniemi

Only 65 kilometers between Rovaniemi and the peace of Loma-Vietonen.


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