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When lying on the beach simply won’t cut it, Loma-Vietonen offers a more inspired alternative both in summer and winter. Our guided tours and activity programs are specially designed to ensure the whole family enjoys the experience. Come and meet the cute reindeers, canoe along the beautiful lake or go skiing and snowshoeing. At Loma-Vietonen you’ll never run out of fun things to do and explore!

Aurora hunting trip

After dinner we will steer our snowmobiles to the wilderness to hunt the elusive Northern Lights. As if driving in the night wasn’t exciting enough, seeing the Northern Lights slither and flicker in the sky is an experience to remember. This safari can only be booked on spot, because so much depends on the weather conditions. Only for adults!

Guided snowshoeing around the hill Lompolo - TUESDAY & SATURDAY

It always feels more safe to snowshoe into the forest with a guide. These special boots allow you to walk on top of the snow like a real winter elf, rather than sinking up to your jaw. Witness the beautiful lake Vietonen in its full glory. Warm cup of Chocolate is served during the trip. Possibility to organize this trip also with sliding snowshoes.

Taiga Husky Tour - THURSDAY

This wilderness husky tour lasts about 6.5 hours and includes a campfire lunch (7.5 hours including transfer). The perfect way to experience the magnificent taiga forests of Lapland. Enjoy the sound of silence as you guide your own dog-team through the remote trails just north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. We travel 30-40 km during this trip. After or during the tour (weather dependent), we enjoy a campfire lunch.

Call of the Wild Husky Adventure - TUESDAY

Husky excursion of 3 hours (4.5 hours including transfers). Enjoy the magical forests of the Lappish wilderness as a musher of your own dog sled. The sound of the panting huskies and the snow underneath your sled is the perfect soundtrack for this adventure. Tour is about 16-22 km.

Discovering Santa’s hometown - WEDNESDAY

After the breakfast we will head to Rovaniemi by car. We will visit the Arktikum museum, where we will also enjoy a lunch. After that we will visit Santa Claus Village, where you can write postcards and meet Father Christmas himself, Santa Claus! We may even have time to do some shopping at the city center. On the way back to the holiday village, we will get to experience a guided tour of SnowHotel at the Arctic SnowHotel.

Arctic Fishing - FRIDAY

We will steer our snowmobiles to the Lappish forest, where you can experience the beauty and peace of pure nature. And don’t forget the excitement of fishing on a frozen lake, far away from the hectic everyday life. In this trip you can ice fish and check the nets, and later on, we will enjoy a wonderful lunch by an open fire.

Taste of the wild (5h snowmobile safari) - TUESDAY

This safari is intended for sledders with more experience and endurance. The route follows the same tracks as the other safaris in the beginning, but later on we will venture more into the wilderness. There’s a place for us to have a lunch, a “laavu” (an open shelter) near a wilderness lake. Around the open fire you can enjoy a tasty outdoor lunch with your guide. Only for adults!

On the lakes, at the open fire (3 h snowmobile safari) - MONDAY

Feel the speed of snowmobiles and travel to the vast open space on the frozen lake. This trip includes driving on the lakes but also in the deep snowy forest. After the exciting snowmobile safari you will have a lunch in a beautiful wooden tepee near the place where the reindeer dwell. While you enjoy the food, you can also follow the life of reindeers from the windows of the kota. A great ending for a wonderful safari! Only for adults!

Relaxing ride with the reindeers

After choosing thermal overalls, we will be ready for an excursion in a reindeer drawn sleigh. The peace of the Lappish wilderness is waiting for us. Pulled by the reindeers and under the warm reindeer skins, you will have time to discover the winter scenery of Lapland. An unforgettable event.

Over the hills (2 h snowmobiling) - THURSDAY

This safari takes you through the beautiful nature in Sompanen berg, you’ll see snowy trees and a great view to the lake Vietonen. So near, yet so far away from everything. During the safari we will stop for a picnic at the open fire, enjoying sandwiches, cakes, sausages and hot drinks. After the stop we will head back to Loma-Vietonen.

Food from nature

Enjoy beautiful nature and pick up wild herbs for food. We’ll learn how to find, recognize, collect and use Finnish wild herbs to prepare some great herbal dishes. You’ll get some great recipes to take home with you.

Gentle beauty from Nature

Learn about the health benefits of wild herbs and how to use certain plants in cosmetics. During the day we will make 2 different products: body scrub and lotion. We only use pure Lappish plants, which have grown under the Midnight Sun and gained effective properties.

Hiking trip to Orhinselänniemi

In this guided tour we head to one of the most beautiful places near our holiday village. The trip can be done by car or by bicycle. Firstly we will hike to the top of Raakonvaara hill, where we have stunning view to Lake Miekojärvi, “The Pearl of the Arctic Circle”. After a few moments of taking it all in, we will continue our trek to Orhinselänniemi, where beautiful beaches provide great swimming opportunities. After enjoying the outdoor lunch in a kota (tepee), we return to Loma-Vietonen, where a warm sauna is already waiting for us!

Nature products from Lappish forest

You can choose (depending on the season) whether you’d like to go pick up mushrooms or berries from our clean forest. Learn which mushrooms and berries are edible and what types of food you can prepare from the gathered ingredients. Jam, salad, marmalade or tea from herbs, food from mushrooms, health care products from herbs, etc. The contents of this program will vary depending on the season; blueberries (end of July), mushrooms and red berries (September).

Fatbike safari in the wilderness

We will ride our bicycles deep into the old forest (full length: 12 km) and stop mid-way for an outdoor lunch in the kota, where you can make an open fire. Soup, sausages, sandwiches and cakes are served with hot drinks.

Excursion to Rovaniemi

After the breakfast we journey to the capital of Lapland: Rovaniemi. First we will visit the museum Arktikum and enjoy a lunch there. Then we head to the historic Marttiini factory shop, and if we have spare time, we can do shopping in the city center. For a grand finale we will meet Santa Claus himself at the Santa Claus Village.

Visit at the Reindeer farm

It only takes about 15 minutes to get to the reindeer farm from Loma-Vietonen. We will receive a warm welcome from the host of the farm. He will teach the guests how to throw a lasso. Afterwards he will tell you about reindeer herding and we will watch The year of the reindeer-film. After the film we will enjoy lovely crepes at the open fire in tepee - with jam and coffee, of course.

Shaman’s Dinner in kota

Dinner in kota is a treat for all your senses: music for your ears, Lappish magic for your eyes and delicious flavours for your mouth. All this combined gives you an unforgettable evening, which you will remember long after leaving Lapland behind. We start the dinner with special Lappish Baptism, where you are given the protections of good elves of Lapland - but who will have the honor of being the bull reindeer? Your taste buds are pampered with special Lappish drink of spruce and reindeer made in 3 ways (cold-smoked, dried, salted). Also flamed salmon, potatoes with shrimps are served. For dessert we’ll enjoy cloudberries. During dinner you will hear the story of witch wizard and live folk music.

Rental equipment

From us you get all the sports equipment, both summer and winter, you need. Furthermore, most of these things are free to our customers. Familiarize yourself with the selection below and discover your favourite activities!

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Traditional Lappish home-cooked food

What would a holiday be without great food? The fish and reindeer banquet conjured by our hostess is abundant with delicacies. We also bake our own bread and pastries, so come and savour genuine local flavours.  

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